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Parallell Exit

Parallel Exit

Mission: To create performance and educational programs that honor and forward the history of the variety arts and embrace a twenty-first century sensibility.

Parallel Exit is a rarity. It is the preeminent physical theatre company in New York City, carrying the torch for an art form that could be rendered obsolete without the innovation of the organization’s leaders.

Productions have earned the company critical acclaim and two Drama Desk Award nominations for Unique Theatrical Experience. New pieces have been presented in large venues (The New Victory Theater, The Guggenheim Museum), schools (through The Lincoln Center Institute and LEAP), and through partnerships with other organizations (Making Books Sing).

More than 12,500 audience members are said to have been whisked away with a sense of whimsy by Parallel Exit productions. In addition, over 10,000 New York City public school students have been inspired and benefited by Parallel Exit education programs, which employ the performing arts as a means through which to instill both creative and life skills.