Support Our Cause

Diminished support for arts organizations — from both government and private funding sources — has made it a challenge for many organizations nationwide to sustain their momentum and focus on producing and presenting creative work.

Through unique programs and partnerships, The Joshua M. Freeman Foundation continues to better manage operations and access new funding sources. But we still need your help.

What would $25 do for our organization?

25 would buy 5 rolls of painter’s tape that is used in the school when we collaborate on a mural project, which is part of our arts in education program. The mural project is an arts initiative to help bolster confidence, creativity and inspiration within the student body.

What would $50 do for our organization?

$50 would provide the printed materials to support a poetry workshop in one participating Sussex County high school. This workshop is new to our arts in education program and will help students master public speaking skills and promotes creativity and success in other disciplines.

What would $100 do for our organization?

$100 would assist in transporting 50 children to a performance at The Freeman Stage. For many children it is their first time experiencing a live arts performance. Transportation is one of the largest barriers to families in poverty to attend a live arts experience.

illuminate, inspire, and connect

Art experiences can illuminate, inspire, and connect us to our common humanity. The Joshua M. Freeman Foundation’s Core Purpose is creating opportunities to elevate the human spirit. Thank you for making The Freeman Stage at Bayside part of your summer. Thank you in advance for supporting our mission to provide inspired arts education for all. Your donation can transform our world.


For those that are interested in their donation being used as a Freeman Stage Sponsorship, please visit the sponsorship page instead. Should you wish to make a stock or wire transfer, or to learn more about a charitable bequest, please contact Bernadette Dowling at bernadette@freemanfoundation.org or 302-436-3015. The Joshua M. Freeman Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, donations to which may be tax deductible. A copy of our current financial statement is available upon request by contacting the Joshua M. Freeman Foundation at 31556 Winterberry Parkway, Selbyville, DE 19975 or 302-436-3015. For information related to state fundraising and solicitation requirements, please click here.