• Freeman Arts Pavilion

    Freeman Arts Pavilion

Freeman Arts Pavilion conceptal design

A bigger experience … with the same intimate feel.

The Joshua M. Freeman Foundation has created a concept for a new venue, Freeman Arts Pavilion. This will be a larger venue than the current Freeman Stage with the same mission, “partnering to present memorable performances and to provide inspired arts education for all.”

Where is Freeman Arts Pavilion going to be located?

Conceptually, the Freeman Arts Pavilion will be located at the current location of The Cove Bar & Grille.

I loved the location of The Freeman Stage, why are you moving it?

Space! On average, we welcome over 50,000 patrons each year at The Freeman Stage, and to better accommodate their needs and the complex requirements of many performances, we need a larger space that has the best sense of place for the community.

When is Freeman Arts Pavilion going to open?

Assuming that all fundraising, planning, and construction efforts go smoothly, we expect this to be at a minimum, a 3-5 year project.

How much is it going to cost to build the Freeman Arts Pavilion?

The current concept may cost between $25-$27 million. The Carl M. Freeman Foundation will donate a substantial amount towards construction, but the remaining balance (a majority of the costs) will need to be raised by the Joshua M. Freeman Foundation through a capital campaign.

How is the timing going to work with the current Bayside Resort Golf Company and The Cove if the Joshua M. Freeman Foundation is going to build on this property?

We will work together with the Developer to build out a timeline that will be respectful of mutual expectation, while keeping a disturbance to the community as minimal as possible.

What kind of concerts and programs are going to be presented at Freeman Arts Pavilion?

We have not finalized the programming strategy, but we anticipate the quality of programming to remain at the same level that The Freeman Stage currently presents. Additionally, we may also consider expanded programming to serve the community needs.

Is The Freeman Stage being closed?

The Freeman Stage will remain open during the construction process.

What are you going to do with the current Freeman Stage?

We have not yet programmed the current Freeman Stage space, except that some of this land is envisioned to be included as part of Freeman Arts Pavilion. We visualize it being possibly used as a gathering location for our patrons before, during, and after performance times.

Why are you changing the name?

The Freeman Arts Pavilion is a name that encompasses the type of venue we envision it to be while also continuing the legacy of the Freeman family.